A Landmark Surgery

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At approximately 10:30 AM on the 19th of October 1927 Carrie Buck was escorted back to her room to begin the short recovery period she was required to take after having had an inch of flesh removed from each of her Fallopian tubes with the loose ends then being professionally and caringly cauterized and sutured closed. This woman had just undergone a landmark surgery, not because of the highly technical aspects of the surgery, or anything of the sort, but rather because the entire procedure had been performed against her will. Following Carrie out of the operating room was Dr. John H Bell, the superintendent of the Virginia Colony for Epilectics and Feebleminded, for whom this case marked a victory in the three year legal battle which …show more content…

It is in other countries where we are most familiar with the process, most specifically Nazi Germany. The efforts of the Third Reich to create a genetically superior race of Aryans was another example of the application of eugenics (Leuchtenburg 12). The most basic tenant of this practice is the premise that 'weak ' parents will lead to weak offspring, who will in turn produce more of the same genetically deficient specimens and in time degrade the integrity of the entire human race. Upon entering the legal battle that would decide who had the right to preside over her reproductive decision, Carrie Buck knew that the outcome of the case would not only have an effect on her future but that of thousands of others who were having their rights brought into question as well. Beyond merely giving the go ahead for her own sterilization, the loss of the case would bring about a new set of legal justifications for the systematic, controlled extinction of those who were not considered of the ideal genetic makeup. This wasnt just a fight for an individuals freedom, it was a fight for equality as promised by legislature that even then threatened to strip away what it had promised in its governing documents. The official name of the case is Carrie Buck v John Hendren Bell Superintendent of State Colony for Epilectics and Feeble Minded. It was introduced into the Supreme Court in April of 1927 and decided the 2nd of the

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