A Lawsuit Over Plagiarism in H. Bruce Millers Life is Not Measured by Grade-Point Averages

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In “Life is Not Measured by Grade-Point Averages” by H. Bruce Miller, Miller announces that a young lady named Gabrielle Napolitano was suing the University for accusing her of plagiarism in her paper. Napolitano hired a lawyer and built the case stating that the so called “plagiarism” was just a, quote “technical error” (Miller, par.2). Miller announces this problem but doesn’t get his true argument out until the last few paragraphs of his paper, stating that students need to stop worrying about their grades or grade-point averages and need to start enjoying the process of learning, to embrace the knowledge and use it without the fear of lack of money in the back of their minds. Miller uses strong terminology throughout his paper and …show more content…

Miller does not take in account that Napolitano might have been suing for what was right, suing the University because she was having her life delayed for a mistake.

Miller doesn’t include Napolitano’s side of the story but he also does not relate to his audiences beliefs and includes fallacies in his writing. Throughout the paper there was no emotional statements or statements showing understanding for the students of the Nation, Miller automatically assumes that everyone is just worried about grades and not actually there to learn for the fun and joy of it. There are several occasions where Miller uses the faulty causality fallacy, for example; Miller states “Students get a lower grade in a course than they think they deserve; they sue. Students graduate and fail to get a job, or as good a job as they expected; they sue”(Miller, par.3). At this point he is using the faulty causality fallacy by making that the assumption that negative outcomes would automatically lead to suing, for example “Jacob got a bad grade on his school work so he sued the school”.

Even though Miller makes assumptions in his writing, he does keep the reader’s attention with a face-paced tone and long sentences with similes. For example, when Miller says “The notion that the principal, or only, purpose of going to college is to win a ticket of admission to the great upper middle

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