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A Lesson Before Dying Journals Gains, Ernest. A Lesson Before Dying. New York. Vintage Contemporaries, 1993. Government: “Twelve white men say a black man must die, and another white man sets the date and time without consulting one black person. Justice?” (Gains 157). Gains shows the reader how corrupt the justice system is in this quote. Gains character, Grant, isn’t happy about how the system works. He tells the reader how white men do everything in the government, they make up the jury and have a say but not a single colored man has a say in the government or the fate of another colored man. Gains stresses the point of the corrupt government due to racial inequalities. “A statue of a Confederate soldier stood to the …show more content…

Even in the courthouse which is supposed to represent equal rights separates the black and white. Grant tells us to get to them you have to exit the courthouse and go outside and when you do its always filthy. It’s not equal rights for all citizens and Grant doesn’t find it fair that even in a place of “justice” there is no justice at all. “‘I do the best I can with what I have to work with, Dr. Joseph,’ I said. ‘I don’t have all the books I need. In some classes I have two children studying out of one book. And even with that, some of the pages in the book are missing . . . ‘We’re all in the same shape, Higgins, the white schools just as much as the colored . . . ‘Many of the books I have to use are hand-me-downs from the white schools. . .’” (Gains 57). In this quote Gains explains colored vs. white schools. The protagonist, Grant, is telling the superintendent, Dr. Joseph, that he does not have the supplies needed to teach, but Dr. Joseph responds by saying that all the schools, black and white, are in the same place. Grant disagrees because his books are hand-me-downs from the white schools and are missing pages. The missing pages represent the missing knowledge of the colored children. Also Dr. Joseph isn’t concerned about it at all showing the education for these kids has no meaning to him or anyone. “Old Grope counted it with his eyes. ‘That’s not enough’ he said. ‘Come on, now, Mr.

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