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Prompt: Imagine you are Aunt Pegg. After one week of looking after the children, you write a letter to their parents in which you: * Give your impressions of the children. * Give an account of your progress with them so far. * Tell your plans for the next week.
Write your letter. Base it on what you have read in Passage A.

October 6, 2011

Dear Dad/Mom of the kids
I’ve been looking after you children for a week so today I write this letter just to let you know how we’ve been doing, and tell you the plans that we will do for the next week.
From the very first time that you asked me to take care of the kids while you go on business, I’m extremely excited because …show more content…

In order to put them into militaristic manner, I use whistle to make orders: breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just to call them. We have sugarless oat cereal for breakfast, the kind of breakfast that we always hoped for when we were kids. They don’t eat it. They hate it. I don’t let them dump the whole meal to the trash-can, they must not waste food like that, they are given extra chores to do if they keep whining without eating!
On the second day, they seemed to miss you a lot. They don’t talk much anymore, they walk slowly, spiritless like little zombies. They behave better, they don’t insult each other, they’re quiet while doing their tasks, and I’m really pleased because of that. They’re uncommunicative as though they’re in jail. They got better anyways, but I’m not satisfied yet, they still need lots more training to do.
On the third day of the progress, we did some educational lectures. I taught them how to solve some arithmetic sums and add a little speed into it, I showed them the way that our dad taught us when we were in sixth grade, I still remember it as it was yesterday. I gave them ‘Reading Improvement’ plus ‘Practical Farmwork’, which is the weeds identification and eradication. They didn’t focus so I had to pull out a criteria, they can go inside the house once they can tell me the name of the weeds. They’re slow.
This is the thing that surprised me the most, they were about to run away from me, but

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