Family Involvement Essay

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Je Assignment One: Family Involvement Jessica Cunha Anna Koloszyc CLD 364 Monday, February 7th, 2011 Families are involved in their children’s learning through many different means. Parents are greeted by the kindergarten teachers at morning drop off and at the end of the day for dismissal and if any information needs to be disclosed or discussed the teachers and parents will take that opportunity to communicate with each other. Communication to families is also done through letters that go home whenever there is important information that needs to be shared. This works successfully for the parents who have nannies or relatives drop off and pick up their children. In this case, when face to face contact is not being made with…show more content…
There is no one specific vision or mandate that this placement site has in regards to family involvement. However, it appears that both the teachers and the parents at this placement understand all the benefits that family involvement has on their children’s learning without having to a set a specific vision. This centre is successful in providing the opportunity for families to get involved and also promote the advantages that it has on children and their early learning experiences. Families seem to want to engage themselves in the classroom and are very successful in bringing the school learning home and continuing classroom lessons at home by completing and participating in the packages that go home. Compared to others, this placement is thriving in their parent involvement and could be a reason why there is no set vision. Although there is always room for improvement and more family involvement, if the teachers are doing well at promoting the benefits of parental involvement and if parents are doing well at engaging themselves and understanding these benefits, no vision or mandate is really needed. Parents already seem to realize that their participation, their time and their involvement does nothing but benefit their child, they are no longer asked to do this but are expected to. Furthermore,
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