A Lifetime: A Fictional Narrative

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A sense of trepidation hit Tom again as Lila's words reverberated in his eardrums; the one you often got for no reason at all that something bad was about to happen, but there was no logic to explain it. The Detective wasn't a superstitious man, his entire profession being based around logic and factual evidence, and it had just been the coincidence that Lila had expressed what he'd earlier been thinking. Or had he projected it by the description he'd given, without consciously being aware he'd been doing so? Whatever the case, the feeling passed as they got down to business. The real victims. He remained silent, except for the soft sounds of chewing. as Lila mulled over the information, and watched her carefully. As far as he could see, she…show more content…
He barely felt the kiss as his pupils widened and he sat back to stare at her. His blue eyes met her green ones and he arched a brow. This was the case of a Lifetime, the one that could make and break him, and have his name headline the newspapers. Hand it off to the FBI? That was fine for Lila to say, for she was already well known, and had a reputation, which, although Tom had never spoken of it aloud, was the cause for a touch of resentment. However, there'd been something about her phrasing that had caught his attention. Not that he had to hand it off, or that he should, but that he was supposed…show more content…
Not likely he has any knowledge of the case, but I need to cross him off as a witness." Tom averted his gaze, and grabbed his jacket and utility belt as he stood. "We don't know if it's a serial-killer yet, so let's just keep it between us for now, and if it turns out to be what we think it is, then I'll report it. Better then running off half-cocked now to the Feds, and making a fool of myself." His first lie. Tom knew with certainty, deep down in his gut that it could be nothing but the one perpetrator, and that he had enough to at least arouse the FBI's curiousity. I'll make sure I keep you updated on the case, every step of the way. Okay baby?" The Detective wasn't a stupid man, and he'd gained the impression that, like him, 'Lila had been hooked by the challenge, just as he was, but for possibly different reasons. The killer liked to play games, well so did Tom, and he wasn't a man to be easily beaten. All concerns of the resemblance to the previous victims forgotten as he tugged on Lila's arm, "I'll escort you downstairs, "and led them from the
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