A List Of Main Competitors Essay

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A List of Main Competitors
Plastic Revolutions, Inc.(PRI) is headquartered in Reidsville, North Carolina and operates primarily on the east coast. The company recycles various grades and forms of plastic scrap and post-consumer plastic, but their focus is on High Density Polyethylene(HPDE). After a basic Google search, we found a few local competitors including Reily Recovery Systems, Inc., located in Haw River, North Carolina and New Life Plastic Recycling, Inc., located in Burlington, North Carolina and various other companies along the east coast. To confirm which companies were main competitors, we contacted Ed Handy, General Manager at Plastic Revolutions, Inc. He confirmed that KW Plastics, headquartered in Troy, Alabama and Envision Plastics, also located in Reidsville, North Carolina, were their main competitors (E. Handy, personal communication, October 14, 2016).
PRI’s Strengths Compared to the Competition
Plastic Revolutions, Inc is “one of only two companies in the region that can process high molecular weight HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and produces extremely clean HDPE flakes and pellets (PRI, Challenge Instructions).”
Plastic Revolutions is also one of the only domestic recycling firms to hold the ISO 9001 Registration. The ISO 9001 is a standard based on quality management principles including strong customer focus, attention of top management, and a process of continual improvement (“ISO 9000 Quality Management,” 2016). These principles ensure

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