Essay on A Little Piece of Heaven

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A Little Piece of Heaven

Teacher's Comment: This essay, which received an "A," is strong because the vivid and careful descriptions enliven a commonplace topic: a simple walk in the woods. The writer creates an effective persona though a flashback to "a corner of captured memories." The writer recreates the child's persona, questioning and then understanding the motives of the counselor who is leading the group.

Whenever I am troubled or confused, I always plunder through my mind to a corner of captured memories in my childhood. Here in this corner, tucked safely away from all of the mundane facts and figures, is a place I once visited as a small child. This spot has never failed to create a wealth of wonder and serenity for
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During my descent, I had become so concentrated on not falling that I did not notice my other surroundings until I was close to our final destination. The steep decline gradually leveled out and I was finally able to focus on all of the other things ar ound me.

Looking up, I was awestruck by the dense, deep-green foliage and milky-white magnolia blossoms that canopied the upper regions of the forest. The leaves and blossoms from the magnolia trees were enmeshed in pastel blues from the sky. The moist soil w as laden with a multitude of fallen magnolia blossoms that had begun to decompose, forming the sweetest aroma. The entire area was encompassed with the fragrance; it was as if someone had opened a bottle of the finest perfume and sprayed its mist into th e air.

As we reached the stream, my campmates scattered out and frolicked gleefully in the ice-cold water. Seeking to avoid the noise and confusion, I departed from the group and made my own way a little further upstream. I took off my socks and shoes, roll ed up my jeans, and waded through the rushing frigid water to a flat boulder that was positioned in the center of the stream. The cool air that ascended from the mountain water bathed my muggy skin. My senses were awakened and became alive. Like a spon ge, I sat there and soaked up everything I could.

The gurgling sound of the water flowing thorough the rocks and pebbles almost completely drowned out the noisy laughter

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