A Long Walk to Water

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There's many factors that leads to one's survival. A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park is a creative non-fiction story about the life of one of the Lost Boys from South Sudan during the Second Sudanese Civil War; whose name is Salva. His journey wasn't the easiest in fact he was at risk for dying at any given second. There were multiple factors contributing to his survival, his uncle, determination, and physical resources. Salva's uncle was one of the main factors. He gave Salva the will to go on so he doesn't lose sight of what's important. Traveling across the hot dense desert isn't easy. Given the circumstances survival wasn't likely. But Salva proved that with willpower the toughest challenges can be overcome. While…show more content…
Sadly, a group of nuer that was against the Dinka had killed salva's uncle."They buried uncle in a hole about two feet deep, a hole that has already been made by some kind of animal."(64) Not only did Salva loose Marial but he also lost the only family member that was close to him. Salva couldnt hold on to this forver. This was the best they couldve done for his uncle, bury him. There was no way that his unc couldve cam back to life so Salva had to get over this tragic event to keep going. Even though he was in shock, he kept on traveling the next day.He couldnt stop moving. He knw that in his heart. It was logical that he continued with the group, othrwise he wouldve been left behind as the group didnt care for him any more since his uncle died. Following his uncle's death, "..the group's attitude toward him changed."(65) they had all thought that he was too small and weak to go along with the group. So as predicted they've started to neglect him again. Even though times were tough, Salva still begged for scraps because it was all he was going to get and he had to accept that. One of Salva's goals was to reunite with his family again.But deep in his mind he always knew that ther was a possiblity that he could never see his family again bcause they couldve ben kileld. But slava nevr chose to accept that reality, instead he looked on the bright said and

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