A Look at Anycity’s Police Department Shows Many Problems Essay

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After reviewing Anycity’s police department a number of different issues have come to my attention. First, the organization of the police department and the number of supervisors compared to the number of patrol officers and detectives is far too great. With this issue come many unwanted problems. There are too many people in the chain command and this causes information to flow slower, the lack of personal relationship between the top of the chain and those who are at the bottom. Next, this causes the patrol officer personal to be spread too thin there by slowing down response time and back up time for fellow officers. Continuing, this also causes the department to not to be able to fully address the current or future issues that arise. …show more content…

To insure that their pay will not change, they should not be punished for the incompetence of the former commissioner. In doing this I hope that the union will see the department cares for the well being of the officers while also seeing how this will better the department. The restructuring of the department, beings with the creation of the patrol division numbering 48 total officers with 6 of the patrol officers assigned to parking and traffic enforcement and 7 supervisors. Shifts will be 4 days on 3 days off while working 10 hour shifts. There will be 3 shifts during the day, 1st shift (morning) starting at 6:00am then ending at 4:00pm, 2nd shift (evening) starting at 4:00pm and then ending at 2:00am, and the 3rd (graveyard) starting at 10:00pm then ending at 8:00am (Dempsey & Linda, 2010). I am proposing that we take an anonymous vote on whether these shifts will be a rotating or fixed schedule. The officers will be split into groups of 14 per-shift, then within those groups there will be a group A and B alteration on and off days. To assign an officer to the a particular shift should be based on which shift he or she would prefer, with the performance recorded and how long the officer has been on the force will be the deciding factor. One Lieutenant pre each group, then one Captain over each day, and one patrol Major over the patrol division

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