A Management System For The Warehouses And Stores

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1 Abstract

This project proposes a complete asset management system for the warehouses and stores to efficiently record, manage and track the products kept in the store. This unified solution can help the company record appropriate need, security, and statistical data, which can be used to create more efficient asset management protocols. This system employs multiple technologies: An RFID reader, RS-232 communication, UART, LCD Interface, a microcontroller, EPROM, and GSM communication; all of these technologies are described in details. When the RFID tag is in the range of reader, asset data is read by the RFID reader and transmitted to the microcontroller via RS-232 communication. The microcontroller takes this data and asks to store …show more content…

2 Acknowledgments

I would like to thank my supervisor for this project Dr. Anastasios Chassiakos, who directed me through this project from the start. My father, Awad AL Neyadi, the head engineering department in the government of Abu Dhabi, proofread my thesis. Finally, I would like to thank my friends for their help and support.

3 Introduction
3.1 Problem Statement

The warehouses and stores with enormous amount of packages and product management has a need of an autonomous system that tracks and manages the inventory of the asset present in the store along with providing security of theft and stealing. Imagine someone whose primary job function is to ensure the products from a store successfully make their ways out to the respective consumers. Part of this involves keeping accurate records that verify the products when they are brought to the store or when they are taken out. The difficulty for an individual to follow every package and record the relevant data. That person cannot possibly track each individual product manually, as they may not be able to remember and memorize huge amount of assets kept in the store. It’s a tedious job to make inventory on paper for huge amount of assets present in the store also the probability of error increases a lot. To better illustrate the magnitude of this

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