A Memorable Moment In My Life

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I remember this tragedy like it was this morning. My aunt was out of town, so I was staying with my first cousin Andrew. I woke up fairly early for a weekend and had a cup of the best dark roast from Starbucks in my pink and white polka dot coffee cup, along with 2 tablespoons of rich french vanilla creamer. With my coffee, I went to go sit outside to listen to the bird's chirp, get a bit of fresh air and clear my head for the long day ahead of me. In my cousin’s backyard, they have a tall fogged glass patio set, sitting upon the rustic wood patio. Sitting in the backyard made me feel as though it was just me and nature herself, so put together, beautiful and calm. It was black Friday and my cousin and I were going to head to my house for our families traditional pierogi making after breakfast. My mother As well as other family members were already waiting there for our arrival. We got into the car and rolled down the windows and started to play our favorite music. Once we got into the car we were sitting there for a moment just on our phones and having a casual conversation. My cousin had mentioned his friend getting into a car accident the month before, and we were positive that we were going to be okay because he was a safe driver, and wanted to get both of us there safely. Andrew soon started to drive on the way to my house, and the gas light turned on. My cousin pulled to the nearest gas station. As we pulled in I got chills all the way from the bottom of my feet

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