A Metaphor for the Dimensional Concept of Home Essay

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Movement is only as good as the stillness you can bring to it to put it into perspective. Leslie T. Chang’s travel narrative Factory Girls not only: exonifies the discussion, but is also a metaphor for the multidimensional concept of home. Chang considers many perspectives but chooses to only focus on a select few- all of which bring contrasting and often immiscible arguments only to initiate an vision inward of Chang’s own development and ultimately an emulsified concept her readers can resonate with. Chang’s writing speaks a lot of the contrast between the village immigrating girls leave from and the city they arrive in. She defines them as two separate an immensely different places before we can even learn the names of the girls who …show more content…

At one point in the narrative, a girl is quoted as having had 6 hours of sleep” and only wishing she could use less [citation needed]” that she should fill her days not only with the work that so often went into overtime but that every waking moment should be spent improving herself, moving forward- not spent in retrospect or thinking in hindsight. Their home is constantly improving, each piece being assembled as they move forward. Furthermore, newer migrants have looser ties to their villages [105] when Qianqian’s story is told within the confines of the super-factory Yue Yuen people seemingly lived and died within the walls, with it’s various amenities and services such as kindergarten [99], Yue Yuen was a good place to work but it took all [the girls] strength to break free. [107]. Those who worked in the super-factory either redefined their sense of home or grew accustomed to never seeing it again. Department of English and Humanities Asst. Professor G Serwani Venkata Swamy writes that home is in a sense, “a place of no return” in the sense of a geographical location but also a “livid experience of locality” that can be lived, defined and relived anywhere. The segregation in Yue Yuen to specific

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