A Meteor will Strike the Earth and Destroy All Life Forms Essay example

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A Meteor will Strike the Earth and Destroy All Life Forms

“With millions and millions of meteors hurtling around in our solar system, there’s always a chance that one could hit Earth at any moment. But what would be the consequences and how would the Earth be affected if one does happen to hit? If an object from space hit the sea, a huge tidal wave would be formed, hundreds of meters high, which would leave most of the world under water for a period of time, destroying and killing everything in it’s way. This would have a catastrophic effect on the Earth, as most people would be killed, and leaving countries powerless, unable to do anything. Crops would also be destroyed, starvation would kill all of the survivors, homes would …show more content…

Scientists have never proven this to be 100 % true, but it is one of the beliefs on how the dinosaurs became extinct. Both scientists and paleontologists, feel that a meteor must of hit Earth, a few million years ago, killing the dinosaurs. The meteor that might of wiped out the dinosaurs also could have brought about the ice age, because of the huge dust cloud that was thrown into the air.
Also, even though this meteor strike never hit Earth, the world watched in awe as thousands of meteors hit the planet Jupiter two years ago. For about one week, many meteors collided into Jupiter causing huge craters on it’s surface. If the meteors hit the Earth instead of Jupiter--the world might have been destroyed. Almost every American has to know of the crater in Arizona. About
49,000 years ago, a 150 foot meteor hit into the present day state of Arizona. This is the biggest crater in the United States.
Throughout time, there have been many meteors that have hit
Earth causing great damage, but the scary thing is that there are still trillions and trillions of meteors right outside our planet. In the Milky Way, the Earth is one of the planets with the greatest chance of getting hit by a meteor. The Earth is only one planet away from the Asteroid Belt, which is located between Mars and Jupiter. At any moment, a meteor could break free and head straight towards Earth. With millions of meteors located in this belt there is

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