A Mind At Death 's Door : A Martyr 's Mind

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The courage to stand up for what you believe is not as rare as many think; it simply requires an infallible hope to produce faith, that will supersede and dispel all fear. Likewise, the decision to die for religious beliefs takes courage, and this practice did not start with the 9/11 attack, but martyrs can be found in some of the oldest history book telling their stories through each line. These are people who voluntarily suffer death as the penalty of witnessing to and/or refusing to renounce their religion, and both the song, “The Hymn” by Jermaine Edwards and the poem, “A Mind at Death 's Door: A Martyr 's Mind” by Veneisia Tomlinson amplify what it takes to stand. The perspective and peace associated with martyrdom brings “The Hymn” …show more content…

Like the song, he is hopeful and associates this with victory. The persona is portrayed as nervous and worried about being martyred, but after self-affirming through acknowledging that his life is hidden with Christ, that he is bound to God by love; which he metaphorizes to be a strong cord, and that no pain or struggle in this life is worthy to be compared to the reward prepared for him; as shown through the biblical allusion used, he experiences a calm. The victory effectuated by martyrdom was constituted by the incentives he would receive for dying as a martyr: he would acquire a starry crown, his own mansion, an opportunity to walk on golden streets, through gates of pearl and ultimately, the opportunity to meet his Lord, Jesus Christ. The persona gets excited at the thought of these rewards and mentally annunciates “Victory over defeat! Life and death!” and after repeating “Victory over death!”, he verbally exclaims, “Jesus and I have almost met!”, placing the tragic and heart-rending idea of martyrdom in a positive and even desirable light. Simply, the first persona verbally declares that his physical death will only result in his freedom to be with God, (stanza 5 line 5) thereby characterizing not only hope and victory in death but also freedom.
Martyrdom, though often considered a murderous and gruesome experience, is considered to be a joyful experience inspired by

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