A Modest Proposal Rhetorical Analysis

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Many people have probably thought that the world might just have too many people on it. How many is it to be too many though? When do you start to make changes, and how do you control the population in a uncrude way? Well in a “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift he had a plan to not only control the population, but make the children not a burden, and help society. Who really knows though if our government, or any other is actually doing something as inhumane as this. There is a lot of things that happens within our government that we don’t know about on a daily basis. In his Satire, it is based in Ireland which had a high population of poor families that had multiple children. The idea of his story is actually useful. He had seen the problem around him and was creating a plan to help combat this. The only problem though is that if anyone read it they would think that he is absolutely mad. Although he was trying to find a way for these children not to be a burden. His plan almost makes him sound like what most people would consider a serial killer or someone Hollywood would make a horror movie off of. The idea itself though would help a big problem in his country at the time. His plan was in a short story, Cannibalism. He wanted to take some of the children fatted them since they were starving. Then to sell their meat, which would make more food and jobs which were also needed. This would also according to him help overpopulation and the cost of raising children.

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