Modest Proposal Rhetorical Analysis

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The sarcastic views of Swift’s understanding of the poverty of Ireland leads him to make a proposal for a solution to poverty, where he ignores the concern of human morale by displaying the lacking efforts of England to help. Swift uses methods that work to get or help better understand a situation, for example being sarcastic in a situation where a person wants something out of the situation by satire. The undeniable effect of satire catches the attention of England to further display the poverty of Ireland which is displayed throughout Swift’s Modest Proposal with exaggeration, incongruity and reversal. Swift argues with England by reaching out for an intense solution by the use of exaggeration to put forward an idea to catch England’s …show more content…

In Modest Proposal, it is evident on how Swift effectively uses incongruity to place a point under the disguise as incongruity. For example in the text Swift emphasizes, “A child will make two dishes at entertainment for friends...”(70). It is absurd for one to visualize how a child will be served for dinner and entertainment for people. The use of incongruity is a pristine example of how Swift’s argument is backed up using satire. Swift’s use of Incongruity disrupts human morale by replacing babies with food, similar to the way reversal is used throughout the text as well. Although the use of incongruity is used to seize attention through a sarcastic view, another way Swift uses satire to grab England’s attention is through reversal. Reversal is used by Swift to switch the roles of babies to pigs, to emphasize the idea that these babies taste like pig. It is expressed in the text where the author points out, “I rather recommend buying the children alive and dressing them hot from the knife as we do roasting pigs” (Swift 99). This piece of text is evident of how Swift makes the point of having children served similar to pigs makes it sound serious, yet sarcastic making his point more clear to the reader with hidden meaning. The way Swift places reversal in the text makes it clear to England of how insane he may seem, but for a cause. This effective way of satire is undeniable of how Swift achieves his idea to bring poverty to an end to Ireland.

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