A Monster Can Be Hard To Define. Describing A Monster Can

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A monster can be hard to define. Describing a monster can be easier than defining one. The term ’monster’ is broad and vague and as a result, it is easier to describe a monster rather than to define one. Tina Boyer says: “A monster is a cultural construct. By definition, it is a thing that shows or reflects cultural fears and forbidden obsessions, social and moral problems that express themselves in the body and behavior of the monstrous creature (Boyer 240).” What makes a monster scary differs among cultures, however, there are general trends of monsters and villains among cultures. Monsters are ugly in many European-based cultures, depicted with asymmetrical limbs and features. Hollywood has used these traits to make better movies for …show more content…

Europeans believed it was possible that a disfigured, crazy, or foreign being would jump out and act maliciously towards them. However, after the renaissance, they learned monsters would not jump out at them (Wright 2-4). Wright explains that the Europeans started to find deeper meaning in the monster stories: “As monstrous races faded from popularity, the increased focus on unnatural or monstrous individuals added new interest in the long-standing philosophical and theological debates about whether or not monsters could be human and where monsters fit within God’s ordered universe […] philosophers and theologians in both the medieval period and the Renaissance often interpreted these monstrous individuals as carrying a specific meaning for the community into which they were born (Wright 6).” Early philosophers found lessons in monster stories. One of these lessons was that monsters had a bigger meaning. They were correct. These monsters had more meaning in the community they were born in and therefore were scarier. As people learned about these monsters they became less scary, however, new monsters emerged. Thus, the definition of monsters changed and will continue to change as the fears of society change. As stated before, different cultures are scared of different monsters. Horror movies are only as scary as the viewer perceives them based personal experiences. Essentially, the viewer has to know what is scary before they can be

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