A Narrative Of An Effective Narrative Is The Point Of View

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A compelling historical narrative must not only be an honest representation of events but also presents diverse details about them. One of the techniques used by authors in creating an effective narrative is the point of view. The most transparent point of view would be the third person narration. In this kind of narration, the narrator is knowledgeable about every character’s opinions. He can describe their actions and relay what is going through their minds. In contrast, first person narrative uncovers the emotions and opinions of a specific character in the story. The perspective comes from and is focused on a single character. Although first person narration can be a powerful technique if used properly, it is not always effective. My goal in this paper is to expound that a first-person narration brings about some complications in the viewpoint and reliability of a historical narrative. First person narration limits the standpoint of the story. Since first person narrative only focuses on one character, the characterization of others are disregarded. For instance, Prince relates a story about his master’s daughter and talked about how he “often [gets] drunk, and then he would get in a fury with his daughter, and beat her till she was not fit to be seen” (13). The experience of the daughter is only seen through the observations of Prince. Her description of her own experiences is not fully discussed. Moreover, the readers are also not presented about what the other

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