A National Landmark, The Empire State Building

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A National Landmark, The Empire State Building The Empire State Building, starting when it was first opened it 1931, was the tallest building in the world for 41 years. (Empire) This was not the only reason people all over the world have come to see the famous building, they visit to learn about all of the interesting structural facts and to truly understand why this building is so important. Although the building now is very popular, it was not always so well attended due to certain costs associated with it, but the building survived through this and so much more, which helped make it become significant to the United States and it 's history. The Empire State Building has become an essential emotional landmark because of how the building was made, when it was built and what difficulties the establishment has stood tall through. When the Empire State Building was constructed, the economy of the United States was plummeting drastically, which affected the resources needed. Only about three thousand workers ended up helping with the construction of the building, even though
Todd 2 many more would be expected today.(Wonders) Some of the workers included bricklayers, electricians, carpenters, ventilation men, clerks, etc. According to news articles from organizations such as New York Times and London 's Daily Mail, the sky boys had the most interesting position. They were a significant part of how the building has inspired people. These workers dangled hundreds of feet above
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