A New Light On Immigration

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A New Light on Immigration As of recent news, Barack Obama brings controversy to the public giving the opportunity to 4 million undocumented citizens to gain citizenship in the United States. Steve Breen brings about a controversial topic in his article “Living In the Shadows”; whether immigration brings destruction or improvement in the United States. He includes the articles “Diversity and Pioneer Spirit of Immigrants Made U.S Great” written by Enrique Morones and “Costs of Illegal Immigration Are Threat to Lives, Economy” by Brian Bilbray, which provide two different perceptions on the subject of immigration. While Morones advocates for humane immigration reform, supporting the traditional United States, Bilbray discourages illegal…show more content…
Bilbray on the other hand is more convincing in his idea of “amnesty” . He claims it is the unclear attitude of congress that has created the allusion illegal immigration is acceptable. Like Morones, he too agrees that current border circumstances are dangerous, as of August “the murder of 72 illegal immigrants who were seeking passage to the U.S. “ and on December 15 “the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.” making clear of the idea becoming a threat for those migrants and the protection we pay for to prevent tragic events like these from happening. Both articles exhibit strong arguments on their take of immigration reform and one can agree there needs to be a better solution to meet the needs of both opposing sides. However, some points were made unclear and was apparent that our curiosity would prompt us to find out more. We needed to know real facts other than statements about the truth behind false assumptions about immigrants and whether they were truly beneficial to the United States economy and overall well being. To improve my knowledge on the subject of immigration, I researched how education correlates with the speaking of the English language amongst immigrants. In the book, “Closing the Educational Gap: Benefits and Costs” by Georges Vernez, Richard A. Krop and C. Peter Rydell, it is believed that the education contained by immigrants ,once they traveled here, has
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