Conflicting Opinions on the Benefits of Immigration in the United States of America

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The United States of America is a country with a growing population. The population has always been growing, ever since the welcoming of new comers to the United States. Some people see these immigrants as beneficial to the American people and some see them as a threat to the Americans. Respectively, give good reasons, and some do not.To begin, I will present to you two written pieces. The first one will be by former president Bill Clinton, in how immigration benefits America. This writing piece begins with an introduction to the issue, diversity and immigration. Clinton addresses the American people by claiming, “If both citizens and immigrants do their part[s], [America] will grow even stronger in the new global information economy”. Clinton then gives some major reasons to his claim. The first one is in how the cooperation of citizens is necessary in order to be united with the immigrants and be strong. The second point Clinton wants to show how immigrants are good for America, by suggesting that they energize the American culture and renewing American values. Clinton then gives evidence in how this is true by introducing the Gibson family and counter augmenting the fact that immigrants take more than they give. Clinton then comes to another point by suggesting that union is only possible if the American citizens share the nation. Clinton then continues to show what some responsibilities of the American citizens are by reminding them of the Declaration of independence

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