Essay about A New York Times Review of “Paid in Full”

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A New York Times Review of “Paid in Full”
Hello my readers, I know you must have been surprised when you saw this review on the listing of our website, But only six and a half years ago a movie came out which did not generate outstanding revenue in the box office, being released domestically and only earring $3,090,862. I assume those of you who did see the movie in 2002 have probably forgotten about it by now, and I was not working for the New York Times, so I would like to revisit this film. It is an interpretation of a true story of three young men in Harlem, New York during the 1980s and their rise and fall in the drug dealing business. The actor who plays Mitch in the film (who portrays the true story of Alberto …show more content…

Because directors like him who have experience dealing with portraying realistic human interactions would certainly do well turning a true story into a full length feature film. Mr. Stone had the task of presenting realistic interactions of characters and depiction of the drug craze in the New York City area during the 1980s. The overall representation of the life in New York City was certainly not amateur, Mt. Stone’s experience in the area of human interactions shown through in every part of the movie. But let me say that the movie was of course not perfect. The main character of “Paid in Full,” Ace (Wood Harris), also the narrator of the film, is a reserved young man who find of a small portion of cocaine leads him into the life of a drug dealer. He decided to quit his quiet, yet community-orientated job delivering dry cleaning around town to sell drugs in place of his ego filled best friend, Mitch (Mekhi Phifer), when Mitch gets sentenced to prison. When Ace was around Mitch all he saw were the riches and notoriety that came to Mitch because of his occupation as a drug dealer. The decision to become a drug dealer was an easy choice for Ace especially when he found a source of cocaine to sell. Ace begins to fall head over heels into the life of a drug dealer, when the money begins to flow in at a higher and stronger rate. It takes all of his effort not to allow himself to be lost in the tangle of conflicts, which in the end

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