A Not-so-Secret Escape

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A Not-So-Secret Escape If you were to ask someone twenty years ago what camping is all about, they would immediately tell you about campfires, sleeping bags, and how the stars shine brightly at night. However, today’s outlook on camping has changed completely. It involves a motor home which includes a kitchen and a modern day shower located on a campground just a few feet away from access to the Internet. Sure it is nice not to have to leave anything behind while on your camping trip, but you’re really not camping. Real camping is dirty, simple, and breathtaking. It involves sleeping on the ground with just a thin layer separating you from the freezing, soft soil filled with insects ready to climb on top of your warm body. Camping is taking hour long walks, exploring the scenery that surrounds you while avoiding the dangers in the forest. To experience real camping, one should work hard for their food, warmth, and comfort. Even though camping in a four wheeled home with all the daily amenities is easier than camping that involves secluding yourself in the middle of the forest, it doesn’t reveal one of camping’s greatest attributes: an escape from the busy society in which we live today. As a kid, I never really enjoyed going camping with my family. The way I looked at it, it took away time from my games and the luxury of indoor plumbing. I could not see the joy in being outside for a week without taking a shower and being surrounded by pesty insects. However, I

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