A Observation Paper On The Library

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For my Participant Observation Paper, I decided to go and observe the library. It seemed like a nice, quiet place to go for an assignment like this. I also thought that not many other people would choose this place, so it would be unique. The observations I made at the library astounded me; I had never noticed these things before. Here is a quick summary of my observations: the mood of the atmosphere was changed by the color, temperature, lighting, and etc. in the library. Another thing was that people were unexpectedly critical towards one another, but teenagers didn’t seem to care about the distinctive origins of some of the individuals in the library. Finally, the body language of the adults varied significantly to the body language of the adolescents. Everyone was divided by their dissimilarities and I could not believe the vast cavity. I went to observe the library on the 17th of September, which was a Saturday. The time I was there was from 11:20 – 12:00. This was a startlingly eventful time, particularly because it was a Saturday. The location of the library is Washington, Iowa. It is located on the square. This was where I made my observations. The environment in the library was welcoming and very quiet. The lighting was soft and gave the structure a warm yellow tone. There were windows wherever you could fit them, letting in a decent share of natural light. Most of the colors in the library were distinctive shades of green and brown, which worked well together. They
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