A Outlook On Student Debt

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Senatorial Outlook on Student Debt Issue Student debt has led to many negative consequences for students attending college. Senators tend to have different views when it comes to solving the student debt issue. Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic senator from Massachusetts, has been concerned about the constant rising of interest rates on student loans throughout the years. She proposes a certain bill to help cut down such rates. Bernie Sanders, another Democratic senator from Vermont, focused on the importance of the young generation earning an education. He attempts to make college more accessible for everyone. Lastly, Robert Reich, a former United States Secretary of Labor, has pointed out that college is not for everyone. He believes that individuals should have a choice rather than being forced into college due to society. Senator Elizabeth Warren emphasizes that every person has the right of education, but most retreat because of the huge debts they are drowning in. Instead of investing in a better future for the country, most states were raising interest rates on student debts in order to benefit the government (Wang, 2014). She mentions how this can affect the economy of the country by disallowing young people from spending and investing in big corporations. Student debts have risen increasingly throughout the years and Warren insists on tackling the issue by attempting to decrease the interest rates on these loans (Wang, 2014). She has negotiated a bill with Senator

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