A & P By John Updike And Araby By James Joyce

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In approximately every story, the protagonist faces difficult personal situations where he/she takes risks and puts forth a great deal of effort to satisfy and impress another character. In the stories "A&P" by John Updike and "Araby" by James Joyce, the main characters both have goals they perceive they must accomplish in order to impress characters of the opposite sex. The iconic image of the protagonist achieving their goal and getting the girl or the guy seems very crucial to every story , however in this case they obtain something else. The true meaning of the quest these characters undertake is that they experience an epiphany. The realization that life is and always will be unfavorable and difficult.

In the story "A&P" by John Updike, the protagonist, Sammy, who is a teen working at a grocery store experiences an epiphany after he tries to defend some girls from his manager Lengel. He perceives Lengel is unnecessarily embarrassing the girls and seeks the adequate moment to be the hero and impress the girls. "The girls, and who'd blame them, are in a hurry to get out, so I say "I quit" to Lengel quick enough for them to hear, hoping they'll stop and watch me, their unsuspected hero,"(Updike, 22). That's significant as Sammy believes that impressing the girls is the true meaning of his quest and that he has successfully accomplished it by quitting his job and showing that Lengel's actions were inadequate and wrong. After he quits his job, he follows the girls

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