A & P By John Updike

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Paper 1: A&P by John Updike

In this essay I will be reviewing the six elements of fiction: point of view, plot, setting, characterization, symbolism, and theme in the story, A&P by John Updike, to see how it constitutes to the work as a whole.
Sammy, a 19-year-old cashier at the A&P, narrates A&P. In this first-person narrative, the narrator tells us everything as he sees it, but since it is a limited point of view the narrator is unreliable. But this allows the reader to notice growth in the character and it helps demonstrate how the narrator is different than the people around him, as his actions suggest. We notice a change in the point of view as the story progresses. At first we see the narrator complaining about the conformity in his society then later acknowledges the problem and acts on it. This occurs with the introduction of the girls, who are seen as mocking the conformity by wearing bathing suits into A&P. Seeing this, the narrator tries to show support for this act unconformity by quitting his job at A&P removing his bow tie and apron in the process when he feels the girls were mistreated and asked to leave store. With the introduction of the issue of conformity, which is a serious issue, we still notice the use of humor and irony in the tone though at the end even though the narrator felt he did the right thing by pointing out that the way the girls were treated was wrong and quitting his job, but he was left lost as his act was seen unnoticed, ending the story

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