A & P By John Updike

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Living in California we see women in swimsuits quite often, maybe too often. Still we have those people that find the need to objectify women, even the ones they have seen many times. Although that is what Sammy does in John Updike’s “A&P”. The way “A&P” depicts the young girls is objectifying: from how the main character describes the young women, how he disrespects the older lady he was checking out, the manager kicking the girls out of the store because of what they are wearing, and how the girls dress the way they do even though they are not close to the beach. Even after all the trouble women go through to look according to society’s norms, people still catch every small thing that is not perfect to society. According to Lois Tyson, “she is objectified…defined only by her difference from male norms and values, defined by what she (allegedly) lacks…” (92). Women are unmistakably different from men biologically; so why is it such a shock when she has a small part of her skin showing, just because it is her breast or any other ‘forbidden’ areas? If a woman shows her butt cheeks it is disgraceful, but if a man shows his butt cheeks, it is hot. It is the same body part just of difference sexes, yet society has labeled it differently for each sex. Women objectification should not be seen as her fault, because like every woman around her, she is doing what she has to to stay comfortable. Sammy, the story’s narrator and main character, notices the girls right away, and when

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