A Paradox Can Be A Very Confusing Concept, For There Never

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A paradox can be a very confusing concept, for there never seems to be a right answer or an end to the problem. The old poem of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight exemplifies the puzzling problem of a paradox. Throughout the whole poem it glorifies courtesy, loyalty, and trust-worthiness. To be a true and noble knight, Gawain must exhibit these qualities. Through the poem though, it shows how courtesy does not work in reality. This paradox seems to have no end because the poem emphasizes courtesy, but it does not work out for Gawain in the end, and yet still he needs to uphold it and glorify it. As endless and the paradox may seem, there is a possible solution of upholding courtesy as best as possible. Upholding courtesy will not please …show more content…

Gawain was courteous through his loyalty to the King because he risked his life in order to save Arthur. Gawain even said, “… ‘bid me abandon this bench and stand by you there so that I without discourtesy might be excused from the table (16).” This text is important because it shows the courtesy of Gawain. Gawain, before sacrificing his life for the king, he asked to be removed from the table so he is not “discourteous”. He was courteous through his actions because he did not want to disrespect the king. Usually, one would think if there would be a self-sacrifice, they would spring into action. This line is odd, for Gawain asked to be dismissed from the table so he would not disrespect the king. So in this short line, Gawain not only was courteous through his action of self-sacrifice, but through respect also. Although being courteous seems like it is working out, Gawain learns that it can be a challenge. When it comes to serving multiple people, courtesy seems to fail. For example, the time Gawain spent with the host around Christmas is a great example. Gawain is forced to be free-giving, friendly, and show chastity and chivalry, for he must uphold the qualities on his shield to be a true and noble knight. When Gawain met the wife, the interactions were courteous, for the Christmas Eve service, Gawain and the host’s wife, “… in companionship took pleasure together in sweet society soft words speaking, their courteous converse clean and clear of all

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