A Personal Narrative Essay On Emotional Memory

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Personal Narrative

(Ok i’m gonna be re-writing my emotional memory write because it’s long and I haven't finished it) It all began when I saw an ad on roblox for “Scream park” If I had known how scary it would I would’ve never clicked the ad. I clicked on it and it sent me to a group page for a game called scream park so I explored the group page to find out about the group and what scream park was so I went around a bit and found out THEY WERE TESTING THE SCI-FI AREA IN 20 MINUTES!!! I was really excited! so I waited until the game opened. After what seemed like 20 hours! the game finally opened I was the first person in then 4 people joined and more came , then more came, tons of people were flooding into the server! Then a guy flew in front of the crowd wearing a blue tuxedo,A white theater mask and a sparkling blue fedora, he then gave a speech about how this …show more content…

Many people didn’t reach a door in time so I guess I was one of the lucky few. Everything went black and then when we could see again we were in a room with what looked like armor and laser guns on racks, we then heard this loud Ear Piercing Electronic screech and then we heard a man say in a very computer processed voice “Hello, I am S.A.A.I. I am the Self aware Artificial intelligence of this establishment we are currently experiencing a code red as an unknown entity walks the base, I called for help but I didn’t think anyone would arrive this soon, Anyways I need you, take those armor and weapons then you can Customize them to your liking.“, when we touched the outfits or guns a hud Displayed and gave us the option to customize I clicked yes and I put a red armband around me right arm and wrote 44 on it and didn’t change the rest. When I got out of the customization menu I had realized that one guy had practically painted his uniform like a rainbow, that completely ruined the immersion

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