A Piece Of Paper And Years Of Schooling

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A Piece of Paper and Years of Schooling Does Not Define Success
It is forced in the minds of students since the very beginning of their scholastic journey, in order to achieve the favorable and prosperous end goal of endeavors or “to be hired by Bill Gates” (Slouka, 4), a degree is a requirement. A college degree is simply a documentation, in other words a degree is a piece of paper confirming one met a certain level of pedagogic achievement. Nowadays, a college degree or post-secondary education is not synonymous with a stable income or secure job. Not to mention, people decide to take learning into their own hands and self-educate themselves. Too add on, education and professional accomplishments are not directly related to each other as …show more content…

Not to mention, many students pay a considerable amount of money to earn their post-secondary education and degree, yet still struggle a great deal in the work field along side those without an additional four years of education. That leaves students questioning the worth of education, perhaps degrees or certifications are not worth the paper they’re published on. According to Nona Willis Aronowitz, “nearly half of people ages 16-29 do not have a job” (2). The key reason many of these jobseekers are out of luck is for the reason that school professors are speaking at their students rather than teaching them. The job market requires practical application rather than knowledge, however, schools fail to give students that hands-on experience and that is why “more than a million young graduates are currently unemployed” (Johnston, 2). In addition, colleges and universities are simply educational institutions; these institutions are established to teach young minds but a few teachers in an ancient building cannot force students to learn, each individual makes that decision. Therefore, post-secondary does not guarantee success because memorizing information and listening during lectures has no significance, it is how individuals apply that knowledge that truly counts. With

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