A Place At Stand By Jimmy Santiago Baca

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In A Place to Stand, Jimmy Santiago Baca introduces the readers to his life, providing many details from his past that allow the readers to understand his present. Throughout the novel, Baca finds himself in the midst of violence where ultimately, these instances lead to a common theme of abuse. The physical and mental abuse that Baca endures throughout his childhood plays an important part in shaping Baca’s entire life. Furthermore, the abuse that Baca suffers inflicted by his father, his mother, and his ex-girlfriend, negatively affects his future life and point him towards crime and distrust in people around him. Baca witnesses his father physically and verbally abuse his mother, so it leads him to violent behaviors when he grows up. Baca’s father, Damacio, becomes an alcoholic after he loses his job at the DMV and “he is having trouble getting the jobs that the politicians promised him” (11). Even though Baca witnesses his father argues and threatens his mother any time his father gets home, he cannot do anything to help his mother. In chapter one, Baca states, “I would brace myself for a fight”, to show his anger as if he wants to fight to protect his mother whenever he sees his father threatening his mother (12). Additionally, Baca’s father also abuses him. After his father finishes arguing with his mother, he finds Baca, and “[tosses] him in the car and [drives] away”; as a child, Baca is scared and terrified because he never knows where his father is taking him to
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