A Plant-Based Diet Could Save The Planet Essay

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A Plant-Based Diet Could Save The Planet
The year is 3000, the earth is obsolete of vegetation, forestry, and of all life. The landscape is barren and desolate, full of poisonous gases and an uninhabitable planet. Many assume this is an exaggeration of what life will be like in 900 or so years, the growing idea of climate change is not. With human's neglecting their options to halt climate change, our environment slowly deteriorating is not a far-fetched science fiction story. Becoming a vegetarian is an easy and affordable way to help fight climate change. But, when many people are not willing to take that giant of a leap, there are other ethical alternatives and organizational initiatives that help limit meat consumption. With the human
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The first three words that come to most minds when hearing “climate change” would most likely be deforestation, pollution, and fossil fuels. But almost as though it is a hidden secret, the McDouble and chicken nuggets consumed leisurely at lunch break is theoretically, according to reporter Lecia Bushak (2013), eating the earth. Vegetable and fruit consumption is rising, and red meat is also. An excess number of calories are being consumed, producing skyrocketing food-related Greenhouse Gas emissions. University of Oxford researcher Marco Springmann (2016) reports that these emissions would theoretically fall to 29% if global dietary guidelines were adopted, and if vegetarian diets were followed, 63 to 70%.
Counterarguments that,“entirely grass-fed organic cattle,” producing a significantly smaller amount of greenhouse gases, has no correlation to the CO₂ emissions (Englehart and Köhler, 2010). 18 percent of global greenhouse gas emission, according to a 2006 Food and Agriculture Organization study, is produced by livestock, which doesn’t even include the extra amenities needed for care (Bushak, 2013). Scharfenberg reports that 30 percent of the inhabitable land on earth is filled with livestock. The space occupied is the least of our problems. Manure and pesticides leaks into nearby fresh water, numerous diseases affect crops, and
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