A Poor Solution For America 's Shortcoming

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A Poor Solution to America’s Shortcoming
“My father was a factory worker, and we were really poor. But everything I earned peddling papers and working in stores, he made me put aside for education” (Abraham A. Ribicoff). Abraham Ribcoff grew up to be the 80th governor of Connecticut and later became JFK’s secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare. A major issue in today’s society is the debate over free community college tuition. Even though some say free community college tuition would be one step closer to saving Americas crumbling lower class, community college tuition should not be completely free. An education from a community college is already very affordable even for those who are from low-income families. On top of being …show more content…

This is a major issue for the low-income demographic in America because many individuals from these families can 't afford to go to college. However, this is not only an issue for the lower class. Later in his article, Carnevale states, "College is not a blue collar vs. white collar issue. More and more blue-collar jobs demand post-secondary education and training....Americans need to understand that the good jobs that require only a high school education are gone and will not be coming back". In other words, Carnevale is saying that a basic secondary education is becoming the status quo for the low-income jobs and that a post-secondary education will soon be the status quo for the middle class jobs. High school is becoming the new elementary school and American needs to realize that before it is too late. However, this poses a problem from the evidence we have just seen. Many people from low income families cannot afford to pay college tuition, but they also cannot afford not to.
A common answer to the dilemma of America’s education deficiency is to make college tuition free, more specifically community college tuition free. Friedman addresses this issue earlier in his book saying, "Low education means low-paying jobs, plain and simple, and this is where more and more Americans are finding themselves"

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