A Practical Solution For A Growing Crisis?

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Vaping: A Practical Solution to a Growing Crisis? Vaping is probably one of the fastest growing trends/smoking alternatives in society today. Utilizing what is known as an electronic cigarette the user vaporizes by means of applying heat to a nicotine containing solution known as E-liquid. This creates a vapor that is then inhaled by the user thus administering nicotine into the lungs to be absorbed by the blood. This system avoids the combustion related to smoking tobacco products and in theory is much safer and better for your health. Considering that smoking causes the premature death of 440,000 people each year and costs the United States approximately one hundred fifty seven billion dollars in annual health-related losses according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We need to seriously consider this as a viable option to save lives and help our economy. Introduced in 2007 to the United States market electronic cigarettes have become a popular source of nicotine for many addicted individuals (Barrios, Orellana, Payne D, Mulkey K, and Nugent K). These devices primarily consist of a power source (typically one or two batteries), a coil (a piece of wire wrapped a number of times around a cylindrical object), a piece of wicking material (usually cotton or piece of silica to deliver juice to the coils), a mouthpiece (for delivery of the vapor to the lung), a body (usually metal or wood to house the components), and a button (to activate the device).

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