A Preview For Tomorrows Certainty

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A Preview to Tomorrows Certainty South Vietnam declared Independence in 1955 and hence, the Republic of Vietnam was born. Under the Eisenhower administration, as an attempt to avoid Communism spreading from North to South Vietnam, substantial funds were provided. However, under the Kennedy administration, against advisers advise, not only money was increased, but also military aid. Not until 1964 when American ground troops were fired on by North Vietnamese did it turn from a Vietnamese civil war to an international war. In Washington D.C. Senator J.W. Fulbright shared his views on America 's involvement in foreign affairs in a speech, “On Arrogance of Power, 1966.". While Senator Fulbright boasts about America 's power, efficiency, and solidarity, he warns everyone that to be too proud could be a downfall even in the most prosperous nations. Going as far as to say, it is believed by many that the power America has is almost viewed as a gift from God. Referring from the humanitarian like actions taken by the United States by not only taking on the responsibility of instilling peace but also assisting in rebuilding the governments on a foreign land. Fulbright believed the government should concentrate less on foreign affairs and focus more on how a new democracy could also flourish by an example being set by a thriving America. America still today finds it hard to let countries handle their disputes without

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