Discrimination against Vietnamese Immigrants in America

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Discrimination against Vietnamese Immigrants in America Vietnamese did not magically appear in the United States, the Vietnam War sparked the immigration of Vietnamese to America. Vietnamese did not virtually exist in the United States until 1975 when the war forced Vietnamese to evacuate (Povell). The war began after Vietminh defeated France and split into North and South Vietnam (O’Connel). In 1956 communist Ho Chi Minh ruled the North Vietnam, and Bao Dai ruled the South, who the United States supported and backed up (O’Connel). The Vietnam War consisted of the North and South Vietnam, fighting against eachother in order to stay two separate countries. The North tried to overtake the South, and the United States sent in troops to …show more content…

This resulted in fewer jobs available for anyone, and left Vietnamese at a greater disadvantage because they lack English, and skill. Without basic English skills, finding a job, renting an apartment, or even buying food became very difficult. (“Vietnamese Americans.”). This lead to English as a Second Language programs (ESL). ESL programs would provide the amount of English to find work, but not raise past the “poverty level” (Li). Vietnamese did receive education, but this only created opportunity to find low-paying jobs. Even with programs like ESL, less than half of Vietnamese Americans (41%) speak English proficiently (Taylor). Boat People who lacked English could not find jobs and found difficulties doing everyday tasks. When Vietnamese began to understand their struggle in the job market, they would try to open restaurants, but Americans would not accept the new flavor of food (“The Asian American Experience-Building New Saigon”). No business in the restaurants forced them to close, and find work elsewhere. Then the Boat People turned to the fishing industry. At first whites tolerated Vietnamese in the fishing industry because they posed no threat. However, when Vietnamese bought shrimp boats, they became a threat to white’s businesses, and whites began to dislike Vietnamese. (“Asian Americans”). Some Vietnamese would get extremely involved in the fishing industry, but learned better from violence used against

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