A Raisin In The Sun Character Analysis

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In the play, A Raisin in the Sun, Mama has the role of being a mother figure for all of the characters. She is a very outgoing women who loves her family. Overall, Mama wants her family to succeed in life. In addition, when it comes to momentous family decisions she does what she believes is best for everyone. However, other members of the family sometimes have contradicting beliefs, which makes them feel like their house is matriarchal. I believe that their house is Matriarchal, but Mama’s decisiveness is for the best of everyone. In conclusion, Mama is not a tyrant because she makes decisions for the best of her family, the money belongs to her, and she wants to see her dream come true.
All of Mama’s conclusions are made because she has hope that it will help her family in the future. When she orders people to do things her reasoning is love. When Travis doesn’t do his household chores, Mama will do them. She does them not because she wants him to be spoiled, but for him to experience a nice life. Adding to that, she does not want Travis to work at a young age so that he can experience a great life. Mama believes if he is unable to have a nice live might the result may be his dreams getting crushed. Mama once said to Ruth “what you fix for his breakfast”(Act1 sc2). Ruth then became very defensive and made sure Mama knew she feeds Travis. In this Ruth is interpreting Mama’s intentions the wrong way. Mama is just checking in, so she knows that not only Travis is getting

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