A Raisin in the Sun Comparison to Martin Luther King Jr.

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Common Dreams A dream is to envision another life or characteristic that could be better or worse than what the person already has. In the case of most people it is a dream that is positive. People mainly are selfish dreamers who dream only about themselves but there are some who dream about the world or others such as friends and family. Two examples of these types of dreamers are Mama from the play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry and Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech “I Have a Dream”. In Dr. King’s speech he brings up that his dream is not only for him but for others with the same problem. He is a caring dreamer, one who believes others come first then himself. Mama is also a dreamer of this sort. Her dreams are for her…show more content…
These two people can be related in a way because they both dream of others living amongst whites and to live in a place where the living conditions are better, where a plant can survive. There are other similarities between Mama and Martin Luther King Jr., for example another similarity would be sacrifice. Martin Luther King Jr. technically did sacrifice his life. To talk about freedom of blacks in a time where blacks are highly hated is something risky and may take their life. He sacrificed his life because he has four kids that he wants to grow up in an equal society. He stated, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live a nation where they will not be judged”. He is sacrificing for the benefit of others. In this case he is sacrificing for his family and all blacks out there who wouldn’t speak up. Martin Luther King Junior is easily related to Mama because she also is sacrificing for the benefit of family. Mama sacrifices the money that she received from the death of her husband for the life of her loved ones. Mama sacrifices the money for Beneatha’s college fund for her to pursue her career of being a doctor. She also sacrifices her money for a house for everyone but mainly Travis, her grandson who sleeps on a couch with plastic coverings, so that he may have a proper bed. She says, “Son-I just tried to find the nicest place for the least amount of money for my family”. In this
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