A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

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Many can see the appeal of the play” A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry because it is telling how much the Younger family wants the American dream, the better life that each character wants are different from each other. The family wants the insurance money to start their dreams, the money that would not have been available if not for the death of the head of the family. Walter Lee Younger American dream is all about materialism and what he can get right now. He has the notion of a self-made man, who starts with nothing and achieve great wealth with hard work and determination. This consumes Walter Lee, so much so that it is all he can think about, he becomes envious of what others have accomplished such as Charlie Atkins dry cleaning business. He wanted the liquor so much so, that he put everything into it, but does not work very hard to accomplish his dream, he trust others instead of putting everything in his own hands to make them come true. Walter Lee wants the insurance money to buy a liquor store, just so that he can tell his son that he has accomplish a dream and he own something that will make their lives better. He wants his son to be proud of him and look at him with pride for all that he has accomplished. Walter Lee does not look at the long run, just the right now and the quick schemes and the liquor store is just a means to and end for him. Lena do not sees Walter’s dream stating “ we ain’t no business people, we just plain working folks.” Lena decided

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