A Reflection On The American Culture

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When people think of missions, they think its missioners going out to help the poor by giving them money, food, or something materialistic. Missionary’s primary goal should be to bring honor to God. Missions are not just providing materialistically but it’s a way to grow relationally. We aren’t meant to bring out the great potential in God’s creation, by being relational to our selves, with others, and with the rest of creation for we all have a broken in spirit. We are meant to feel a sense of dignity in ourselves for we were created in the image of God. Culture has an influence in the way we feel about ourselves, all of our societies are different. As believers we are meant not to make ourselves feel high but equal because we are all broken instead we need join hands with people. Intercultural studies come in play because it allows us to understand a foreign culture to accomplish a certain goal. The goal which we are to accomplish first is to know that we are not the savers but we are called to help others discover that they are a value meanwhile walking humbly with them as Jesus transforms both of us. Our relationships with others make a difference not only for us but the community. The poor need access to prayer, preachers, and to the body. I have learned missions are not just us going into another country to help the poor but to heal a community. We need to recognize that we are not the only answer to that community but we are a part of it. We need to be able to

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