The Kentwood Christian Church : Evaluation Of Church Evaluation

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Church Evaluation Paper I chose to evaluate my home church's missions program for this paper. A big part of this decision was curiosity; I had never in my five years at my home church heard anything of a well-formed missions program, and upon receiving this assignment became very intrigued. I interviewed a good friend of mine, who is also an elder at Kentwood Christian Church, by the name of Mike Boumis. As it turns out, my church does have a missions program, and a well-formed one at that. The backbone of the missions program is a committee made up of two elders and three members of the congregation. The main job of the missions committee is to keep in good contact with the missionaries, not only receiving reports, financial needs, and …show more content…

In addition, some KCC partners to a certain extent with a larger local organization that has a similar goal. Finally, KCC holds what they call "love offerings" from time to time. These are presented as separate from the general offering during Sunday morning service when the church leadership feels called to give to a certain person or cause that has been brought to immediate attention. The missions budget which supports the ministries first listed comes as a percentage of the annual yearly offering. This year it was 7.5% of last year's offering. The hope is to soon raise the missions budget to 10% of the yearly offering; however, it is a work in progress. The missions program has not been stagnant at KCC over the past few years. Here a look at some of the progression in the program, as well as some anticipated change. KCC used to have a Sunday each year where their missionaries and organizations would come set up booths in the fellowship area to raise awareness and educate the congregation. This hasn't happened for a couple of years. Also, the mission giving used to come from a separate offering each Sunday morning, whereas it is now taken as a percentage from the yearly offering. Just recently a formal application was developed for those missionaries and organizations to fill out first, before meeting with the missions committee. Also, KCC just began hosting a body of Nepalese believers in the student ministries

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