A Relationship Between Hero And Her Eventual Suitor

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In this passage, the reader is exposed to two distinct categories of relationships, one of which being the relationship between Hero and her eventual suitor which is a type of relationship borne out of necessity and social conformity. Both Anthony’s and Leonato’s statements in this passage support this traditional ideal of marriage and love by dictating to Hero her answer in regards to the impending proposal from whom Hero’s family believes to be Don Pedro rather than granting her the power of choice. Anthony blatantly assumes that Hero will adhere to the course of action her father wishes saying, “Well, niece, I trust you will be ruled by your father” (2.1.42-43). If Hero is being “ruled” by the desires of her father, it makes her decision to say yes one of necessity in that she must give the answer of her father and not that in her own heart for fear of some sort of retribution. Leonato later reinforces this notion about relationships in stating, “Daughter remember what I told you. If the Prince do solicit you in that kind, you know your answer” (2.1.56-57). Alone this statement is somewhat vague leaving it available to some interpretation, one of which being that Leonato is reassuring Hero that she discovered the response that best fits her desires in a conversation held offstage and that she should not second guess herself. However, if this reminder is applied within the context of Anthony’s previous statement it takes on a different meaning that reinforces this

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