A Remarkable Film Composed And Directed By The Accomplished

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A remarkable film composed and directed by the accomplished Guillermo Del Toro; Laberinto del Fauno, upholds an impressive reputation, winning many Academy and Goya Awards such as; Best Cinematography, Best Special Effects and Best Editing! Significantly and unlike numerous other children 's’ fables, LDF “Presents a much more ominous take on the fairy tale” (Fairy tale films, section 3, Pg.60). This film tells a tale that is ironically and most definitely not suitable for children, similar to the brutal but legendary stories by the honoured Grimm Brothers. Toro presents a range of characters to the audience during the film; however, often the true monsters are not as obvious as we would think. The film starts with a young girl named…show more content…
She secretly provides them with medicine and other resources that they need. She is “no more than a woman”(1:31:51). The Captain obtains an attitude of machismo which leads him to never even sensing what Mercedes is doing as he doesn 't think women are capable of successfully accomplishing such things; “That’s how I was able to get away with it. I was invisible to you” (1:32:04). In addition, the Captain’s ways of doing things are generally very monstrous and inhumane. For instance the scene in which he kills one of the members of the maquis with his bare hands and a glass bottle, in a very heartless and inhumane manner, further proving that actually he isn 't human, he doesn’t attain any mundane qualities. ‘Within the frame, the specks of blood fly’ (Hessel, & Huppert, 2010 p.47). Vidal also spends a lot of his time hunting for rebels in the woodlands; maybe because it’s one of the areas that he most difficult to manage, which is an advantage to the maquis, it is obvious that this bothers him. ‘The woodlands can be liberating for those who know how to navigate it. To the villain Vidal they represent his fears, of the unknown ‘other’, of all that is uncivilised and less easily controlled.’ (Hessel, & Huppert, 2010 p.48). The first task Ofelia must conquer is that she must retrieve a golden key from the giant monstrous frog who has made the roots of a grand beautiful tree his home. We know that this frog is

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