A Reoccurring Theme Of Mary Shelly 's ' Frankenstein '

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In the novel, Frankenstein, Mary Shelly tends to create a reoccurring theme that isolation indeed leads to the destruction of humans. There were negative consequences throughout the book when isolation occurred, whether it was earned or unearned. From the beginning of this novel, Victor isolates himself on his own because of his selfish interests in playing the role of God in life. Victor’s creation experienced negative consequences from being separated not only from Victor but the world around it. Mary Shelly introduced isolation at the beginning of this novel by showing Victor’s interests that lead to his isolation, as well as the isolation of his creation. In the article, Monsters of Modernity: Frankenstein and Modern …show more content…

This statement goes to show that Victor’s addiction to the human composure is what lead to his fate of isolation. Victor’s creation received unnecessary isolation which created multiple adverse consequences for him. After Victor had created this life from dead body parts, he abandoned it because he was ashamed of the monster he had created. Victor was shocked to see that his creation lacked basic human qualities and had an unappealing appearance. Victor was his creature’s mother, father, and Godly figure, who left him because he was incapable of being a great being. This creation was innocent from the moment it was created because it had no choice about its appearance or physical traits. If the monster blamed its isolation on anyone, it would be Victor because he left it when it needed him the most resulting in the creation turning to nature for all support. The creation is not only shut out by Victor because of its look, but society shuts him out. too. “I am alone and miserable; man will not associate with me,” said Victor’s creation in the novel Frankenstein (Shelley 103). Victor’s creature knew that his appearance would turn people away, yet there was nothing he was able to do. The society that got a glimpse of this monster was mortified by his grotesque-like appearance and his in able to communicate well.

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