A Report For The Management Team Of An Organization Of My Choice

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Information security is a critical issue for all organisations
I have been asked to write a report for the management team of an organisation of my choice. I will be exploring the critical issues of information security within that organisation. To help with my research I will be outlining the security risks, safeguards and contingency plans in case of a breach. The technological application I will be focusing on is Email.
Executive Summary
To summarise, I have researched the history of Lloyds Bank, the general overview of how the organisations information security is maintained and what methods and procedures they have in place. I have talked about the security risks and how the bank can ensure that their company is fully secure and how they can certify the protection of their customers.
I researched about the safeguards and the different types of methods that can be put in place to ensure security. The last section explores what contingency plans are for damage limitations on the event of a breach.
The organisation I have chosen is Lloyds Bank. According to (Wikipedia, 2015), Lloyds Bank is a "British retail bank with branches across England and Wales. It has traditionally been considered one of the "Big Four" clearing banks".
Lloyds Bank was founded in 1765 in Birmingham , the bank then prolonged during the 19th and 20th century and invaded smaller bank companies. In the mid 90 's it combined with the Trustee Savings Bank and traded as Lloyds TSB Bank plc

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