A Report On A Shooting

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A Shooting In North Charleston According to the U.S. Department of Justice (2015), police departments in the past, were more concerned with screening out the bad applicants, however, a new approach is being used to ensure the best applicants are chosen. Police agencies have begun using a system that emphasizes on building systems that reinforce a culture of integrity by reflecting core values. Research found that it is more effective for law enforcement agencies to adopt a culture where integrity is an organizational responsibility rather than emphasizing personal ethics or morality. This short essay will discuss the news article located at …show more content…

Slager then goes over to Scott and places him in handcuffs. Slager walks back to where the scuffle occurred, grabbed his Taser from the ground, and dropped it next to Scotts body (Schmidt and Apuzzo, 2015).
The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division investigated the scene. After the investigation was complete, Slager was charged with the murder of Scott. At trial, Scott told the jury that he feared for his life when he saw Scott had the Taser in his hand as he spun away. The problem is that the video totally contradicted his statements. Even with the extraordinary evidence against Slager, the jury was unable to come together to get a unanimous decision. The judge then declared a mistrial (Blinder, 2016).
Deontology come from the Greek word for duty. Deontology is the belief that good outcomes are largely irrelevant to moral concerns. Deontology takes away the effects of our actions and places the focus on the actions themselves. Actions that are prohibited in deontology include lying, killing, and dishonesty (Williams and Arrigo, 2012). In our example, Slager was responsible for the death of another, lied about how the incident occurred, and was overall dishonest. If we look first at Slager taking another life, that could be acceptable in that he has a duty to protect others in his job. The problem with this claim is that Scott was no longer a threat

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