A Report On The Lab Tech Essay

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In October of this year our class took a trip to Valley Medical center in Renton Washington to be given a tour of all the different lab departments. When we arrived in the Hematology department the lab tech was giving us a rundown of what test are performed in this lab. She then gave us a very brief example of how the system they use worked by saying it automatically takes the specimen samples and runs the test, then sends the results to the computer. I found myself very fascinated by how this system could possibly be able to test specimens in test tubes, slides, and urinalysis strips on its own and have accurate results, then to transfer this information to the computer and the ability to inform the lab techs if or when there was a problem with the testing results. I began to asking many questions about the system. The company who manufactured this XE -5000 analyzer system was Sysmex. Sysmex is known as a global leader in their design and development of high quality, reliable, and innovative clinical diagnostic management systems for processing hematology, coagulation, and urinalysis testing. They have created many systems that are used in many labs such as the coagulation analyzer Ca-540 and many more. They have created and manufactured numerous hematology analyzers and seam to keep advance their high tech systems. Sysmex Company actually started with only eight employees in Kobe Japan. It was originally call TOA Medical Electronics. The company entered into the

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