A Report On The Meltdown At Chernobyl

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Parker Lake Mr. Thornburg Advanced English 1 28 January 2015 You Snooze You Win The meltdown at Chernobyl in 1986 was a tragic accident resulting in radioactive fallout, and a great factor that caused this to happen was sleep deprivation. (Peri 1) If sleep deprivation caused something this large to happen, then how bad does it affect the grades of students? In order to perform well in school, students need a substantial amount of sleep throughout the night. Sleep is a necessary action to be academically successful in school by energizing the body to take on the next day ahead, by helping calm levels of stress and depression, and by allowing the student to remember information learned from the day before. Sleep is very important for doing well in school due to the energy that is gained by the sleep overnight. Veronica Hackethal , an author of an article of sleep, stresses the importance of sleep having the ability to let students gain energy when she discusses how students that feel tired and sleepy all the time tend to get lower grades than students who do not feel that way. This expresses the idea that enough sleep helps improve grades because it proves that students who sleep well will get more sleep, gain more energy, and perform better for the next day of school than the students who do not sleep as well. This also proves that students who do not get enough

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